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Friday, 6 March 2015

Transformers Square One - Year One

It all started with this Jetfire. Roughly a year ago this weekend I started the Transformers Square One blog, something that really shocks me as I still feel like it's brand new...apparently not though, March 1st 2014 was the first post on TFSquare One. Thank you all for the support, for sharing my work, photographs, for liking the page and reading the articles or spreading word of the galleries. It's been one of the best decisions I have made during my time in the hobby.

I documented my daughter's growing collection

At the moment, the fact is I am in the process of starting a big sell-off of much of my collection, things I thought I'd never sell like Binaltech, TFGT, Animated and of course I have had my non-Joustra Diaclone for sale for some time now with a lot of it gone now. But this is not new, it is a reality of collecting for many of us, because real life stands above all hobbies, and mercifully this time it is not linked to a loss of enjoyment for Transformers generally.

Lots of Diaclone specific posts, but also Diaclone sales

I revealed some Spanish minibots

I still very much want to continue adding to the blog as before, although new arrivals might be thin on the ground compared to the last few months of un-metered expansion into new areas. I pre-ordered MP Tracks today so the love is still very much in place, the new RID cartoon is a favourite of mine already...

I opened a $1000 toy, and didn't like it that much!

Fell in love with RID 2015

...and I did just score a grail of a lifetime in C-325 Greatshot. Regular UK meetups with my TF collecting friends locally keep me very much enthused about the hobby, and IDW's MTMTE comic being a stellar title growing in stature certainly does no harm. I have been honoured to contribute to the IDW Legacy art tome by Sorenson and Forster, as well as - more surprisingly - the new Complete Allspark Almanac, because Animated is something I loved from the start but basically abandoned. There are many more worthy Animated collectors and lovers than I, but a photo of mine was chosen to represent the beautiful Sons of Cybertron Crystal Rodimus exclusive from Takara, see if you can spot it in the book! I am so happy to have contributed something to the legend of Animated, especially now that I appreciate it in its entirety, having picked up where I left off in 2008.

I bought a looooot of Animated

And started to get the blog known as a place for 3rd party content

I want to continue to bring as much content and variety to Transformers Square One in the next 12 months, from vintage to modern to 3rd Party, in the hope that I can continue to bring more attention and interest to my work and the blog - which in turn I hope will bring attention to the causes I like to champion, such as Transformers fan art, and the work of some talented individuals in our community.

Thank you once more for all of your support, some of you since the very first articles I posted over a decade ago. You know who you are and I love you.

Here's a taste of stuff to come in the next year...

Here's to saying goodbye to Animated...

...goodbye to Macross

...the perfect end to my Movie collection

and the realisation of dreams.

All the best


  1. Hey Maz,

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary with your blogsite!

    Your comment about it being one of the best thing your have done with your collecting hobby certainly resonates with me. I certainly feel the same way with mine. Not only does it help to share with others in many different forms, for me it also helps me further my interest in this hobby through research on figures and when purchasing money is low I can live vicariously through postings of my friends collections.

    Very interested in seeing what new direction your collecting will go this year.

    Keep on collecting,

    1. Thanks so much, Joe.

      It's been nice to write with freedom and without a word count or pre-determined schedule, or the need to produce anything complete or definitive.

      As for my collecting, definite steps backwards. No more dipping into the past Generations, Prime, FOC etc lines because I'm actually cutting that out of my collection. Masterpiece I'll buy, 3rd Party if it;s offered to me as review samples and RID 2015 as long as the figures aren't too cheap and my daughter has an interest in them :)

      Thanks for your support my friend.

      All the best

  2. Happy birthday blog! So glad you took the time to do a blog mate. Your photos are always beautiful and everything on the blog is so consistent and nice. Keep up the good work for this year and many years to come!
    ~ HD

    1. Thanks so much B, haven't kept it updated recently, but that cannot be avoided sadly.

      All the best