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Monday, 1 December 2014

DX9 03 Invisible - Teaser Pictorial

Here's a production sample of the upcoming DX9 (Unique Toys) 03 Invisible, what appears to be DX9's Masterpiece-scale G1 Mirage. From the packaging - which is actually quite lovely - you can see they've done some digging through the toy's history. The logo for "Invisible" will seem quite familiar, and you'll see why after the jump. Here is a teaser pictorial of this highly anticipated Masterpiece-style 3rd Party Mirage, in advance of a full article next week.

This is a pictorial, so minimal words, but it just has to be said...there's a picture of Jacques Laffite on the side of the box. LAFFITE! Unbelievable! For those confused, he is the French F1 driver that piloted the Ligier Ford-Cosworth JS11 F1 in 1979, the car and #26 upon which Diaclone Ligier and G1 Mirage were heavily based. Also visible is the gypsy woman logo for French cigarette brand Gitanes. Very classy. There's also a quote from V for Vendetta's Valerie. And in case you were in ANY doubt as to the original inspiration behind Invisible's packaging...

Yep. It's based on the Ceji Joustra Diaclone Ligier logo created by Paul and Gaetan Brizzi. The Ceji Joustra Diaclone Ligier Mirage is probably my favourite Transformers related thing in all of existence, and I've written extensively about it here. So yes, Invisible got my attention, but I wasn't sure if I liked the homages or not. This was truly sacred and holy ground to me, untouchable surely. The toy itself has been likened to an upscaled Classics Mirage, but I'll let the pictures do the talking until next Tuesday's Source Article.

G1 style front wing display

G1 style

Invisible style

All the best


  1. One of the few modern items I find myself tempted by. Had no idea it even existed until your post. Very, very nice.

    A shame about the occluded "N" and "T" on the Gitanes lettering. Very distracting.

    I can only dream of a "Ligier" GiG version !

    1. It's just coming onto market now, this one's a sample. I don't think it's a Masterpiece but as a standalone it's great fun and very very pretty. Solid and good feel to it too. The packaging is beyond classy.

      All the best