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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Browning - One figure, 3 types of robot art

The Micro Change Series Browning is a popular and well known toy. It was also widely released throughout the world, first in Japan in two colours for Micro Change Series, then again as part of the Transformers Super God Masterforce line in 1988. In America they only got bootlegs but Europe got official pre-TF releases as part of the Ceji Joustra Diaclone line, GiG Trasformer in Italy and also as R-Kioski store exclusives in Finland. More on the European history of Browning here

The specimens shown in the above group shot demonstrate the three main - and mostly expensive - types of release, and how despite being roughly the same toy (despite colour of chrome differing on what seems like every subsequent version I handle), with the exact same box shape and styrofoam insert, Browning was privileged enough to have unique box artwork for the three main types of release: the Micro Change style packaging (middle, for Japanese, GiG and Finnish release), the Ceji Joustra Diaclone (bottom, drawn by Paul & Gaetan Brizzi) and for the Transformers Masterforce release in Japan. All three are beautiful, and the items together make for a truly spectacular display.

For reasons of completeness, the pre-TF Brownings have dark smokey chrome and red innards, or rose gold chrome with blue innards, and even (going by the latest Finnish one you can see above) a matte silver chrome with blue innards. The TF Masterforce version has shiny silver chrome with blue innards. 

In case anyone feels the pull of the above, the Finnish and Masterforce Brownings are for sale...

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