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Sunday, 28 December 2014

MMC Zinnia Pictorial

Hot on the heels of Azalea (Not Arcee), Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-08Z Zinnia - Parapax Medic - came out. In fact for a while there it seemed like every week was bringing a new Azalea colour; first Stealth, then regular, then Asterisk and finally Zinnia. Zinnia is the 3rd party repaint of Not-Arcee by MMC, based on the Paradron medic seen in the G1 Transformers episode "Fight Or Flee" on the planet Paradron. This release, I believe, was manufactured using very close to the minimum number of units to make it viable, so in theory there ought to be less of them floating about than Azalea and the like. 

It comes without the vehicle hood halves/robot wings - which they are calling "Zinnia Flaps" - but anyone who orders and receives R-09 Eupatorium from MMC will get the flaps in the set so she can be made to look closer to Azalea/Arcee. What she does have is extra translucent shoulder pads that Azalea does not (which pop off if you look at them funny), and various bits moulded in translucent minty green plastic, like the hood attachment, canopy, flight stand and vehicle fins. No swords with this release.

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  1. It's a nice piece. I like the bits where there is transparent green plastic.

    Gotta love "Fight or Flee" even more... "this is must be the most beautiful place in the universe. Give me the bomb." ~ Ultra Magnus

    1. Hahaha brilliant, I have been meaning to watch that ep again thanks to Gen Sandstorm.