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Monday, 19 September 2016

Fansproject WB008 Trianix Alpha

Fansproject, a 3rd party company who have been part of the scene since the beginning, have just released their interpretation of the 1980 Diaclone Dia-Battles figure. This WB008 from the Warbot series is called "Trianix Alpha", in reference to the fact that the original Dia-Battles - and this Trianix - split into three individual vehicles but combine to form the robot. It has been produced to scale with Classics/CHUG figures but it stands taller than the TakaraTomy Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 that saw release in the late spring. I was aware of this release and had a passing interest, but when I walked past it on display at Kapow Toys during TFNation, that passing interest became a fervent fascination.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Corbot V Mugger

Corbot V, 3rd party makers of Classics scale Transformers accessories such as the Blizzard Axe, have done a full transforming figure. Using the 'Allicon' transforming alligators of Quintessa as a base mould, Corbot V have gotten a few uses out of the tooling, but the one that interests me the most is CV-002 "Mugger". This instantly recognisable creature did of course debut in Transformers: The Movie in 1986. Think Energon goodies, think Bah-Weep-Gra-Na-Weep-Nini-Bong, there's a great deal of Movie accuracy here.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ocular Max PS-02 Liger

Ocular Max - The Masterpiece Transformers-mimicking arm of Mastermind Creations - have followed the example of BadCube and released a toy intended to help fill a very special and specific gap in your Masterpiece Diaclone-coloured ranks, Perfection Series 02 "Liger". This red repaint of PS-01 Sphinx (MP Mirage) is an homage to the 1985 Takara Diaclone Car Robot No.16 Ligier JS11 F1 in red, a toy only available in the spectacularly rare and sought after Powered Convoy DX set. Ocular Max offered this in May initially as a show exclusive, but it is now widely available from the usual 3rd party dealers and retailers.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 - Full Gallery

Welcome to my full size gallery of the TakaraTomy Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 and the Dia-Battles V2 Prototype figure. You can find the detailed review of Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 on TFSource Blog. I've since added a number of extra Dia-Battles figures to my collection, photographed them all together and with vintage Diaclone figures too. As yet I have not combined all 5 of my Dia-Battles figures for the behemoth I have imagined in my head, but it's not far off! For now, enjoy this 73 image gallery in full size, accompanied by the magnificent soundtrack of Droid Bishop and Waveshaper that inspired me during the photography and writing of the review.

Monday, 30 May 2016

DX9 D08 Gewalt - Test Shot Full Size Gallery

Here we have the full-size and complete gallery for DX9 D-08 Gewalt - a 3rd party Masterpiece-scale Blitzwing by the folks who brought you such brilliance as Carry, Invisible, Chigurh and Tyrant. You can find the full DX9 Gewalt review on TFSource blog, and below are the images from that review before they were reduced in size.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

MakeToys MCB-03 Pandinus - Full Size Gallery

Welcome to the full-size gallery for MakeToys MCB-03 Pandinus, a gigantic third party Scorponok interpretation with the customary MakeToys attention to detail, style and Citybot size.You can find the full Pandinus review on TFSource Blog.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

1987 Autobot Movie Targetmasters - Gallery

This week I finally got around to another lovely Generation 1 article. I am spacing these out because they are so tremendously enjoyable for me to do, and so finite, that I want to extract every last bit of enjoyment from my recent acquisition of many 1987/88 figures as I can. It's an era that I neglected a lot in my earlier collecting days, and am now discovering and enjoying with great enthusiasm. I did have a few Headmasters and Targetmasters from my childhood, but nowhere near the level of now. Sadly, they are not cheap and finding G1 from 87 and 88 in the condition I desire for these articles is very difficult. Anyway, thanks to my feature on Autobot Targetmasters from the TF Movie (Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr), I can now share the full hi-res gallery of the photos used in that article.