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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Transformers in Iceland 2014

Another summer in Reykjavik, Iceland, and another tour of the local Transformers haunts that have become my sole link to the hobby when I spend time with the in-laws on this bizarre island in the North Atlantic. In the past I've seen American import movie figures, Animated and other such modern goodies that stores here in the UK could only dream of. The main source of good TFs in Iceland is the collector's store Nexus, and I interviewed Svenni who runs the place for TFSource a couple of years ago here. The main supermarket chain Hagkaup occasionally has items of interest (Premium series 2007 Movie) but for a few years their selection has been poor, and Toys 'R' Us Reykjavik even moreso, and that's to say nothing of the astronomical prices. Here's my summary of what I found in July/August 2014 in Iceland.

A mixture of the Age of Extinction toys I least wanted to buy, Bot Shots releases of characters I didn't really feel any attachment to wanting to own, Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion class, and a few deluxes or Kre-O. Everything was very expensive too, as it has always been in Iceland at general retail. I was surprised to hear that the near £10 price of Cyberverse Beast Huters figures was not that far off what UK retail is for them, pretty bad news all round. While different Hagkaups had slightly different stock, there were no surprises after I'd visited the first one.

Toys 'R' Us had Kre-O, the lesser AOE figures, Construct Bots and Beast Hunters stock, but again nothing to send the pulse racing. I'll admit my interest was piqued when I saw the Fall Of Cybertron Data Disks and the voyager Soundwave, deluxe Generations Bumblebee and Orion Pax. When I saw the price (basically $70 for Soundwave!) I had to laugh. I just don;t know how the brand will ever establish a decent foothold here at these prices. The only chance people have to get TFs at good prices is to go to Nexus...

Now that was more like it, stuff I could actually spend some time being fascinated by. Voyager class AOE figures like Evasion Prime, deluxe class Generations AOE figures - although I ended up realising these were not to my tastes at all - and some of the Generations deluxes and voyagers Nexus had in Christmas 2013 as well. I didn't buy anything on my first visit ad it was a very brief stop. I really was starting to feel the need to buy something, my transition from collecting museum pieces and Masterpieces to excellent fiddle-with Transformers that are cheap and cheerful - Animated, Prime, FOC - meant that being away from my ROTF Lockdown, Animated Blurr and Prime Wheeljack caused me to miss my collection for the first time in a long time.

That white envelope is a VAT receipt :)

On the second trip I finally ran into Svenni, and he was in the process of putting out new stock having come back from his summer vacation early. I got my first view of AOE voyager Galvatron (waaaay too much Hasbro cheap featureless grey plastic on show) and voyager Hound (looks amazing). After a poll carried out on the UK Discussion Thread on TFW2005, it was decided that Generations Sandstorm was the figure I should purchase from what Nexus had in stock. I also bought a Beast Hunters Cyberverse Prowl, FOC Data Disks Eject and Ramhorn for my daughter and a Generations Skids. If Svenni hadn't offered me such a terrific discount on the items I would only have gone home with Sandstorm and Prowl. The disks have lead to me buying the rest as well as Soundwave and Blaster, Prowl has lead to me buying all versions of the legion class Smokescreen/Prowl mould, including the Transformers Go! EZ Smokescreen (not easy!) and Sandstorm has lead me to Springer. Prices were comparable with anything in the UK and even online, but not the US sadly. How could they be? 

Either way, this excellent store remains the only place worth visiting for Transformers collectors in Iceland, the staff are always friendly, and what I bought at Nexus has increased my enjoyment of the hobby for all the above reasons. 

All the best


  1. Iceland has the Generations Legends Skrapnel and Tailgate? I haven't even seen those at retail here in the States!

    1. Which is odd as they got them direct from the US!