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Friday, 29 August 2014

MMC Feral Rex Pictorial

There's not much to say. Tigris is here. Feral Rex is complete. Tomorrow night the words will come in the Source Article (was holding out until I got my upgrade kit for Tigris and could post photos), but for tonight, just enjoy.



Bots - notice arm fillers on Bovis, Fortis and Talon

Angry Bots

Pre-upgrade kit so no gold waist clip-in panel

Cannon on left arm with Talon and sword in right arm with Tigris

All neat and tidy, tabbed away

Big. Big. Sword.

Make sure heel tabs are facing up and preventing lean-back

Quite expressive for such a giant

Not as hard as you think to achieve this pose

Folding Talon's grey feet up helps avoid colour blend with hands

Best combiner accessory ever. Until Quantron comes along.

Amazing how the sword alters weight distribution

Anyone reminded of Call Of The Primitives?

Waist panel added, cannon moved to right arm and sword now held by Talon arm

Sword is more easily held in Talon arm

Also means you can have Talon's tail feathers visible again

My best of 3rd Party

All the best


  1. first thing first. I honestly like the look and doesn't hate his bulkiness that much. But there are still some things they didn't do right and I think you should point out in your review(s).
    1. the articulation on the elbows are less than normal 90 degrees. If u wanna have more, will need to turn the wider side of the forearm to be facing the front, which doesn't look as good.
    2. the waistless problem is still occurring, even some ppl are hiding them with the big sword in some pics.
    3. the normal thigh extension for Rex is the mid point, which have the problem of doesn't lock as secured as the other two points. can stand fine, but still a problem that should not happen.
    4. have crotch armor to cover the front, but not the back. we can clearly see his "butt" (Leo's) from the back.
    5. how can u call tidy when there are so much kibbles on the back of his shins, even if they are locked in position.
    6. the point of balance is not in the middle because of where the waist and knee joints are positioned straightly, plus shouldn't use ball joint on the ankles to bear all the weight of this giant. that's y it has the leaning back problem.
    7. even ppl came up with using the clip to lock the ball joint to keeping it from falling or leaning back, it hinders the stance and articulation.

  2. All good points, some of which I will mention in tonight's article. And while I don't agree 100% on all of them, I really appreciate the time you have taken to contribute this and comment!

    All the best

  3. There is a butt plate - the shield splits into 2 and wraps around. And I use the clips folded down which also balances him without needing to jam into the ankle joints. My Tigris arriving this week can't wait to put the last arm on!