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Saturday, 23 August 2014

All Stars

A very very short post dedicated to some of the most outstanding Transformers and 3rd Party toys I've had the pleasure of experiencing in the last 12 months, and posing them together as a rather spiffing group of marvels. If you could just imagine buying a collection, or receiving a package or lot containing all these figures, could it ever be topped?

Taking out the vintage (Hot Rod and Rotorstorm), Masterpiece (G2 Lambor), 3rd party figures like FansToys Scoria and Quakewave, together with MMC's Talon and Mech iDeas Bluster and Trench, we can take a look at a selection of recent-era Hasbro Transformers that won't cost someone the Earth but will bring immense satisfaction and enjoyment, showing that the best of the Transformers line did not die in the past, and also that Hasbro and Takara are extremely capable of still getting things very right.

Cybertronian mode Animated Optimus, Animated Blurr, Prime Wheeljack, ROTF Lockdown and Battle Blade Bumblebee are probably the best deluxe Transformers to have seen release in modern times. Add in voyager Generations Sandstorm, Springer and FOC Blaster, and you have the cream of the next class up. On the small side, Activators Animated Soundwave is a gem of a figure, maybe the best of the entire range of high quality littl'uns.

If you really want to crystallise it, though, the above is what I currently just cannot live without in terms of affordable (Rotorstorm was free!), bang-for-buck, fun to fiddle with Transformers. Proper, enjoyable, quality Transformers. The All Star line-up.

All the best

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