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Tuesday 27 May 2014

How to get a G1 Rotorstorm For Free (Part 2)

Here's the story so far. After getting the junk lot in from France containing a decent G1 Turbomaster Rotorstorm body, I realised a good deal of the figures in the lot were not in best condition, so resale was going to be a problem. I still needed a set of landing skis, 4 missiles, 2 launchers and the seemingly impossible set of pink rotor blades. I was starting to flirt with the idea of just going out and buying another Rotorstorm with the bits I needed, then just selling off what I could from the current one as well as the Actionmaster Tracks, minimising the damage. Things suddenly took a turn for the better though.

Having shown my 'haul' to long time UK collector/dealer Colin (Specimen17), with him being into the weird and obscure as much as anyone else I know, he took an interest in the KO blue Onslaught which was mildly reminiscent of the lead Battle Gaia figure, as well as the blue Micromaster "Hydraulic". In return he offered me the following...

Instead of adding cash to my side of the trade - which let's face it, meant Colin got the rough end of the stick - he agreed to take the KO Technobots, the rest of the Micromasters, AM Shockwave, Brawl, Springer, Killbison, Flash and Snare. Basically everything except the Rotorstorm and Actionmaster Tracks. The Rotorstorm parts would easily have cost me another £20 or so on the market, so instead of getting one for free I would have been £40+ down and still without a complete specimen. As it was, he sent out the parts in lighting quick fashion and a day later there was a padded envelope on my doorstep, literally. The result?

Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

CURRENT STATUS:  - £26.21 (still)

All the best

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