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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

EZ Collection Wheeljack (& Star Hammer)

One of those "Why didn't anyone tell me this exists?" purchases. Even though I have all the variations of official TF Prime Wheeljack and 5 bootlegs of various sizes and styles of the figure, I didn't know there was a Legion/Cyberverse class Wheeljack in the correct show colours. I previously only had the Hyperspeed Marlboor-coloured Cyberverse Wheeljack, but upon discovering this release...well, here we are. It seems mini Wheeljack is attached to a giant thing called Star Hammer. Well, at least it has a badass name.

Positives are that the Takara really know how to package toys. This is such an attractive package, it's how I imagine the modern day equivalent of Grandus would be received by children (or me). A gigantic base-like figure that does something akin to transforming while the tiny accompanying vehicle completely steals the show. I haven't actually taken the Star Hammer vehicle out of the packaging, I was just desperate to get the Wheeljack out and unite him with his many many other selves. Same thing happened with Sky Claw and Smokescreen, I gave away the massive vehicle to a toddler who was bored at Auto Assembly and I kept the blue and yellow Cyberverse/Legion Smokescreen figure. Don't fret though, I will release Star Hammer and explore. Some other day.

Utterly. Freaking. Fantastic. Microscopic, articulated, painted perfectly, sleek and sexy, this is TF Prime Wheeljack as a Micromaster, a Legends figure, a small version of the best deluxe toy in history. More importantly, one more for the collection of variants. It even comes with two translucent swords, another fact that passed me by thanks to an incomplete Hyperspeed Wheeljack. It's so pretty, with that painted grill section that turns into Sunstreaker-like feet on something so tiny. Yeah, I'm definitely taken by this toy. I would have bought it even if I had to by a supreme class brick to get it.

Look at Minijack compared to the deluxe and the outrageous oversized bootleg, he has almost every bit of paint application they do, even the rear lights! He has the accessories and a completely acceptable amount of accuracy and posability for its size. I just can't believe how good this figure is, utterly kills the Legion class Smokescreen toy.

So here are all the official versions of the TFPrime Wheeljack, and those characters associated with the mould:

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