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Sunday, 21 September 2014

TF Animated Blurr

Instead of a new arrivals post (which surely must be getting boring for everyone apart from me), I decided to take my newly arrived MOSC Animated Hasbro Blurr deluxe and make a dedicated post out of it. While this gives the game away a little bit in regards to my upcoming TFSource Blog article on Tuesday, I don't think it's any secret that Blurr is developing into my favourite Transformers Animated figure of all. I missed out on it when released and only discovered it through the enabling of fellow UK collectors. I couldn't be happier, I can't imagine a collection without this marvel.

I've recently decided that the deluxe class of Transformers is my favourite, with so much being squeezed into a perfect sized Transformers figure when done correctly. ROTF Lockdown and Battle Blade Bumblebee, Animated Blurr, Cybertronian Mode Optimus Prime, Lockdown etc, TF Prime Wheeljack and Transformers Go! Smokescreen are all evidence of what can be achieved at this scale. As a result, I have been buying MOSC examples of my absolute favourites to keep alongside the loose versions. I've always been into preserving TF history, and I suppose this is just an extension of all the MIB unused Diaclone I bought (and sold) over the last decade and a half. Blurr is the latest sealed addition, although if you look at the massively sloppy tape application on the cardback you would be forgiven for thinking it was a re-seal. Apparently it isn't though, as I have now been shown other examples of sealed Animated deluxes from this wave with similar tape apps. Look at the cross-sells, Swindle, Blazing Lockdown and Elite Guard Bumblebee. Now that's a wave of quality deluxes.

Animated Blurr is athletic-looking, trim, streamlined and all the other words that mean fast-looking. Speed is his primary attribute - in speech and movement - and this incarnation of Blurr stands above the Generation 1 and Classics Blurrs in capturing that feeling of aerodynamic excellence and effortless velocity. This is categorically one of the most beautiful Transformers toys I have ever seen, in both modes. He is enormously posable, with your imagination providing the only limitation, and the vehicle mode is a wonderful hybrid of Blurr, Transtech Cheetor designs and Tron. Again, all symbolic of tremendously high speed.

Yes, I know waist is back-to-front...

Like the G1 Blurr, Animated Blurr can use the hood of the vehicle as a shield, a shield that can be held in a couple of different configurations or mounted comfortably on his back. Everything about Blurr indicates efficiency with zero wasted space, curves, details or functionality. The weight distribution is so good that he can hold a running pose, crouching, balancing or attacking pose with enough grip and stability on what amount to four quite small but well-articulated ankles. They have that lovely feature of being able to be pushed downwards with the legs in whatever pose you like, and they flatten against the ground holding solidly.

The transformation can initially seem quite a pain, because there's a lot of tabbing and pegging that has to be done in the correct order, not unlike the Animated Rodimus. Now that I've fully clocked exactly what goes where and after what move, it's a joy. Genuinely, it puts a smile on my face to transform this character, and the completion of either mode's transformation is immediately met with a smile and satisfied nod of appreciation. This figure is a complete show-stopper, series ambassador and highlight of the modern era, certainly as far as deluxes go. It is fully Animated in its aesthetic so there's every chance it won't appeal to those who can't get on board with the look of this toy line. The only questionable feature is the weapon, the clear blue saw that pops out from the hood/shield when the square button is depressed. It can pop out unintentionally and I imagine loose specimens have a harder time keeping it retracted. Tiny nitpick on an otherwise spectacular toy. A magnificent and truly beautiful Transformer.

All the best

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  1. Yeh I always thought Blurr was based on a Tron light runner, that would explain the weapons on the front of Blurr's vehicle mode. Also the Vortex Blurr repaint using the black colour scheme pretty much makes the link. Not sure but like the unreleased voyager Thundercracker there might be a case of split up units of Vortex Blurr in collectors' hands.

    Blurr is a awesome looking vehicle, I just hope Im still around when they start producing these as road vehicles.