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Monday, 29 September 2014

FT-05 Soar - Robot Mode Pictorial

Here is the FansToys FT-05 Soar from their Iron Dibots series, a Masterpiece-style Dinobot Swoop homage that is due to be released soon I hope. Here is the pictorial of robot mode pictures leading up to next Tuesday's full review and pictorial on TFSource blog. I have no embargo on posting images for this figure so I am free to share my photography in lieu of an actual full article for the time being. This beauty - and it is a beauty - arrived today after a bizarre detour across Europe and a hold up in DHL Hong Kong due to an accident. Dino mode pictures should be available tomorrow for posting, but for now I hope you can enjoy this utterly spectacularly magnificently excellent rendition of G1 Swoop by FT. 

Soar came to me with a choice of chrome wings or more matte grey wings, he has a rotatable face removing the need to unscrew the helmet or anything like that, he comes with a Swoop-like sword and both rocket launchers. This blue version harks back to the Diaclone Dinosaur Robo No.5 Pteranodon scheme that was also the basis for the Sunbow cartoon version of Swoop. I did not receive the clear beak with this test shot, chances are they aren't quite ready to go yet. He also came with a spiffing display stand that's more than solid enough to deal with my display demands. Posability is as fantastic as you would expect of FT, and those shoulders are tight - you can feel the weight of Scoria complaints in the tightness of those shoulders! The weapon grip is also enormously improved over Scoria, speaking of which...

I am deliberately not giving too much away because this is meant to be a simple pictorial leading to the article on Tuesday, and even though there are other reviewers answering questions and responding to picture requests online, I have no need to rush things and want to present everything as it should be when the article is ready. For now, needless to say, in the looks department this is a seriously big hit. Everything looks the part, especially that drop dead gorgeous and cartoon accurate head sculpt. The glint off the chrome everywhere will blind you, but I will admit I would have preferred less die cast. I am yet to get an effective running pose out of him.

Size is good. Aesthetic is perfect. Those are 3 Masterpiece Dinobots you are looking at there, make no mistake.

More tomorrow I hope on the transformation, functionality of dinosaur mode and lots of photographs.

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  1. AMAZING pictures !!! Thanks ! Looking forward to the rest and your review :)

    1. You can find it here :)

      All the best