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Sunday, 12 March 2017

FansToys FT-06 Sever's New Head

Thanks to the release of FansToys FT-08 Grinder (MP-style Grimlock) and FansToys' newly discovered talent for creating fantastic Transformers head sculpts, collectors now have access to brand new face sculpts for FT Sever (Snarl), Soar (Swoop) and Scoria (Slag). The original head for Sever was so widely panned that once they'd found their feet with the sculpts (Stomp was marvellous), FT went back and re-did them. Great if you've bought Grinder, frustrating if you haven't.

FansToys FT-06 Sever with original production head

FT-06 Sever test shot head

Both the original test shot, and to a lesser degree the production Sever, had odd-looking faces with small, widely-spaced eyes and a large mouth. They did not resemble the G1 cartoon or toy Dinobot Snarl particularly well. FT were beginning to get a reputation for very weak headsculpts, but they have really turned that around with FT Stomp (Sludge), Sovereign (Galvatron) and Grinder (Grimlock) not just being decent, but superb. So here's Sever with his new head:

I had sold my Sever some months back, and despite the usual tinges of regret, I figured I could live without it. With my original test shot review Stomp being gifted to me by the lovely Sixo and my Grinder review sample in hand, I started to miss my Iron Dibots again. 

Seeing the new head for Sever really got me, it was the only thing lacking on that figure. I've since re-purchased Sever, that's how impressed I was with the  new headsculpt, and now I am finally able to properly own a Masterpiece-scale version of my favourite Dinobot that's perfect from top to bottom. 

So much better. The right shape and handsome, not the derpy face that some requested and not the disproportionate features of the original headsculpt. There is a lovely shine to the light blue eyes and the metallic face, with just the right amount of moulding to accentuate the jawline and high cheekbones which were characteristic of G1 Transformers animation models. Exactly what I would have wanted originally. To replace the head there is unscrewing that must take place, and Grinder does not come with a red-eyed version of the inner face for the toy accurate crowd. Maybe that's because this head is so heavily based on the cartoon Snarl, they didn't foresee a demand for red eyes? Then again, they didn't foresee the furore over the original head or dino belly gap! Removing the face and trying the original red eyes that come with Sever is pointless too as the eyes are a different shape, so the red eyes do not slot in flush to the new face, and they are a massive pain in the ass to remove once you've tried. Here's the best you can get trying that combo:

I'm thrilled to have Sever back, and he has never looked better. He can take his place among a fine group of 3rd party figures that have only gotten better as the sub-line has matured, and the new head is the cherry on top. Just goes to show what an excellent mould Sever was in the first place.

All the best

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  1. The new head is so much better, I agree! I'd forgotten about that test shot photo though, haha! Glad you have Sever back in the fold to keep Stomp company. :)