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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

FansToys FT-06 Sever - Production Version

Here are a few images of the production version of FansToys' FT-06 Sever (MP Snarl), the third of their Iron Dibots (Dinobots) released just in the last week or two. The paint application is a little different, as in there is no paint on the vertical vents at the bottom of the outer robot feet, the red on the chest seems ever so slightly different and even the grey plastic seems darker than the test shot I had and reviewed. In terms of tightness, everything is mega tight, with the thighs being too tight for sure. It's scary to transform them or pose them. Sword grip is much improved, gun grip has deteriorated from the test shot. Overall it improves on the review sample I had, which was already a very accomplished figure, meaning that in my opinion Sever is now the most polished product FT have released in virtually all departments. The robot face is still odd though, different, but still odd. Have some pics.

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