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Saturday, 18 April 2015

MMC Cynicus - Pictorial

Surely about 5 years ago, something like this would have been completely inconceivable? A high quality transformers product created by a new company, completely unaffiliated with the official manufacturers and based entirely on an original character created for an official Transformers comic by a fanfic writer who made it and illustrated by a fan artist who made it. If Mastermind Creations Cynicus is not worthy of "For the fans, by the fans", I don't know what is. Based on the IDW More Than Meets The Eye original Decepticon Justice Division character "Vos", MMC's Cynicus takes the vision of James Roberts with the visual execution of Alex Milne and gives it form. The DJD's newest member has a toy, and it's lovely. MMC R-12 Reformatted Cynicius review is incoming, but for now please enjoy the pictorial.

All the best

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